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16.5 Tires

16.5 inch tires are widely used for varying track and weather conditions in various parts of the world today. You could talk at length about their technical, architectural, aesthetic, durable, fuel saving and many other characteristics.  You could classify them based on the

  1. Type and make of vehicles that run on them
  2. Rim-size and dimensions
  3. Tire dimensions
  4. The metrics
  5. Other miscellaneous features and functions

Technical details

Technically speaking, the tire is a marvelous master-piece. It incorporates the features which can further be classified into

  1. Characteristic
  2. Functional

The characteristic features speak at length about the radial and Bias type, the standard Rim-width, Diameter with side-clearance and the minimum dual-spacing as a few of them. Radial-type tires have a typical ply that enables them to take your car across any type of terrain with near-zero vibrations to the passengers.

  • The Bias-types on the other hand offer you the unique benefits of taking you across some of the worst weather and wind conditions across many surfaces across the globe.
  • The RIM-Width has a range of 8.5 inches to 10.5 inches which makes it the best experience of cushioning and load-carrying capacity of your car in many years
  • The tread-depth of the 5 inch tires which is measured in 32-NDS rates the best and the most suited one for the perfect accelerating, decelerating, breaking and controlling conditions

Functionally, the 16.5 inch tires for your cars are in excellent shape and looks to match your car. When you mount your car with these tires, you are ensuring

  1. Perfect inflation-pressure for balancing the speed, control and the fuel efficiency of the car
  2. That you are able to adjust your car speeds under various traffic and road conditions seamlessly.
  3. You are ensuring a balanced load-management of your car, no matter what sort of load you are adding inside your car.

The most ideal 16.5 inch tires for your L.T.-Trucks are made to bear the brunt of the various types of cargo and shipments carried over long distances. They could take you all the way from Toronto to Tokyo and make a return trip till your new-born baby has graduated from school. These tyres can pass through high altitudes and rugged terrains with absolute ease and comfort. Though many reviews have shown a marked departure in the price range with a of 16.5 inch tires in born-new conditions, the truckers experiences say otherwise. They seem to focus on

  1. The heavy duty capacity of the 5 inch tires make them ideal for cargo as well as passenger trucks that you can take across country and terrains, carrying your agricultural produces, equipments and machinery etc
  2. The passenger-trucks benefit “heavily” when they run on 16.5”X6.75-standard sizes. The most interesting feature is the ability of the 5 inch tires in reducing the “vehicle-wobbling”. You are able to
    1. Get a perfect control on your driving
    2. Achieve the best of fuel-efficiency
    3. Keep your vehicle-maintenance expenses at the minimum levels
  3. The Skid-Steer and high-load capacity of the Industrial-tractors and agricultural-tractors get a boost when you choose the tire-size of 10-to-16.5 and 12-to-16.5. The Sk-02-tread pattern with a ply-rating of 8 are known to work under the most unfavorable conditions
  4. Trailers with 5 inch tires seem to be popular since the 1960s when they were introduced till today. Though there often arises some negative feedback about the safety, they are mostly related to the user’s ignorance related to choosing the right-size of wheel to fit into the 16.5 inch tires. The Tube-less tires are known for long life when they run with
    1. Tread-depth of 15-32 inches
    2. Section-width of 9.5 inches
    3. Generic-diameter of 30-31 inches

The   single-tire at the back-wheel gives you a load-carrying capacity of approximately 3,200 LB and when dual-tires are used, it gives a maximum capacity of 2,800-Lb. The maximum PSI of 75-LB is rated to be quite healthy for the all-terrain-trailers



Architecture details

The architectural features of the 16.5 inch tires like the width and height, the rim-size and tread-designs play a critical role in providing superior servicing. The Rim-dimension that is practically proven to give best of results is with a rim of 8”-Diameter X 5-3/8″-width. They have a load capacity of 800-LBs at 70-PSI.

The LT-Trucks falling under the category of 9.5-16.5-LT-121/117-R are classified into numeric-type, Wide-base-type and floatation-types based on their architecture. All of them have the same diameter of 16.5”

  • The numeric-types are normally used for heavy-duty trucks and even in case of towing-trailers
  • The wide-base ones are usually used in the industrial and agricultural applications besides being heavily deployed in logistics-trucks used for carrying break-bulk loads and carrying heavy-duty machinery and vehicles over long-distances
  • The floating-types find their usage in construction-industry. You might have seen many road-laying heavy-duty earth-movers being deployed to shift sand, gravel, stones and huge volumes of synthetic-layers used in road and other civil-works.

The air-craft industry has found a great number of practical benefits by using the 16.5 inch tires. Here, the 16.5 represents the width of the tires. They are most well suited for jet-air-crafts which carry heavy loads.  Greater-deflection % is the primary reason which attributes to the maximum safety factors during landing and take-offs.


The 16.5 inch tires used in your cars and trucks might at times look odd or even out of proportions when it comes to aesthetics. However you have seen many transformations in the way world looks at aesthetics factors in the 1960s compared to how the younger generations. Today, you can see great number of bikes and motor-bikes are getting extremely popular among trekking and mountain-bikes.

Bike-racing world is thankful to the 16.5 inch tires today. The bikers get added grip on the roads during those dangerous curves and turns they frequently encounter during short and long distance racings.

The large and heavy-duty royal class lawn-movers that you use are powered by the 16.5 inch tires for both the hind and the front-wheels.  They enhance the aesthetic features besides helping you save fuel and get long term service.